This vest is created with high-quality, organic cotton from Pakistan. The bodice is dyed in cutch and black walnut. The back is woven separately on a table loom with local Oregon Colombian wool dyed with logwood. The recycled jersey cotton weft gives it stretch. The wool and cotton naturally breathe and rarely need to be washed, which saves in water. In fact, the wool will absorb natural oils in the wearer’s skin and become softer over time.


One response to “Eco-conscious

  1. Mary-
    The paneling on the back this garment works well. It may also feel more seamless because you are connecting it to another woven textile. The woven “tags” that emerge from the tied weft on this garment (and the previous woven/knit shirt) are quite nice. i like how the process of tying the weft together creates an additional texture almost like fringe. It is also great that you are using the wool from the local farm that you found.

    Very nice organization of your line into categories; “Eco-concious, Zero- Waste, Artisan inspired”. It ties the work together conceptually.


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