This off-the-shoulder, knit shirt is up-cycled from four white cotton, jersey turtlenecks found at Goodwill. The woven section was created separately on a loom using a cotton warp recycled from a sweater, and the up-cycled jersey shirts were cut into strips for the weft. The pieces are all dyed with varying combinations of turmeric, onion skins and iron.


One response to “Recycled

  1. Mary-
    You have created a very specific and beautiful color palette for these garments. It is interesting to mix the knit textile with the woven. I am wondering if you can finesse the point of connection between the two, specifically at the point where the two meet around the torso. It would be nice to see the structures meld seamlessly into one another. It would be good to do some studies of this for future garments because the combination is very nice; hand produced/machine produced, knit/woven. It would be good to develop this further.


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