Creating Collectives

Design and sustainable development go hand in hand. In my thesis paper, Designing for the Future, I provide a lot of information about the true scope of design. Strategies for design are reinvented everyday to maintain relevancy and design more than anything is a learning process.

Throughout this course, I clearly  address environmental and economic concerns, but the social aspect could potentially be the leader in the movement toward sustainability on a global level.

The social factor of our society has been exploding in a lot of ways. Obviously for businesses, and media, but thinking globally connects everyone and brings each of us a greater awareness. When people talk about building collectives I see it as a responsible and sustainable practice.

We no longer live in an insular world and we need to consider others and their ideas. A positive way to use design is to say that there is no wrong idea. Collectives naturally use research and feedback from the group, produce more ideas and give them well-rounded thoughtfulness.

Intellective Design says it best …

Collective intelligence is commonly referred to as the group  intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals. It is the aggregate knowledge that emerges from the decentralized choices and judgments of groups of independent participant. How can we harness this collective intelligence in the design process to make much more meaningful and informed design decisions?

Creating collectives just seems smarter these days. We could all use a little more support.


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