This is a continuing process of my vest. I actually love the weaving part so much that I am weaving another panel into a dress using cotton instead of wool for the summer.

While I was weaving, I realized that the 1% of spandex in the t-shirts I cut up for the warp, stole its integrity. The study from a few posts back with a pure cotton t-shirt was extremely durable. The spandex makes it fray and slowly fall apart. Whether I finish it with rabbit skin glue or not, this vest will not be washable (save on water!) and it will slowly degrade over time.

The warp is locally sourced in Oregon from the Imperial Stock Farm and dyed with logwood and iron.

The cotton material is organic from Pakistan and dyed with a combination of cutch, black walnut and left over logwood. I also over-dyed the weaving in the leftover logwood to bring a feeling of consistency to the whole vest.

The patternmaking process was interesting since I knew that I would not want to cut into the weaving. The back had to be a perfect rectangle. Of course, the weaving (because of the spandex) had more than two inches take up it is a little smaller than planned off the loom; however, it is stretchy so it should still work.


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