Hats off to sustainable development projects

Birgitta de Vos

An inspiring artist who best describes my current design philosophy, which, these days is a little less political and a lot more heart centered.

“The source for well-being, for me, is found in doing the things I love with heart and soul. It’s beyond matter, beyond the things I create, beyond the product, beyond the body. It’s something that is priceless, unique, authentic and timeless.  It is the process, the creative and powerful energy that flows, when you do something that matters, that makes it all worthwhile.”

[picture above is from her brand’s look book, Clean Company}

Butterfly Works

“We work in emerging economies because we believe in undiscovered potential. Through serious media, social branding and experiential learning we share knowledge, trigger creativity and build sustainable businesses.”Carpet of Life

Boucherouite carpets are rugs weaved of textile offcuts based on all colours, emotions and expressions of the nomad culture. Without pre-set patterns, and therefore free of all rules, every carpet is an ode to intuition and creativity. Next to this it is an economic stimulation for women who live in the scarcity of the Sahara and try to give their traditions a place in a changing society.

Heart Wear by Li Edelkoort

An organization devoted to finding, developing, sustaining and promoting the living artisanal expressions left in the world – within the disciplines of interior design and fashion.

“You must get to know an artisan first: you show interest in what he does, you appreciate his savoir faire, you take time to visit his workshop. You ask questions about his techniques and products, about how he acquires his raw materials. You get acquainted with his family situation, and even with how he plans to pass his skills on to the next generation.”

Li Edelkoort comments on the global consumer economy:  “The world is now a market, governed by mega-mergers and mega-brands.  Suddenly, almost naturally, men and women are looking again at handmade, man-mastered, artisan arts, as a refuge from mega-monotony. In terms of economy, employment strategies, and social development, we believe that quality arts and crafts will have a very important revival” (HandEye Magazine).


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